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4 reasons

4 Reasons why Low Testosterone is very bad

Many have put forth the question “why low testosterone is bad?” Most people would agree that low levels of testosterone will have negative effects but there is not much specific information online. This article is meant to address this.

We will be listing four unique reasons why low testosterone is bad for your health, it will make you aware of the importance of this topic. This will make people treat their testosterone level more seriously than ever.


A low frequency of testosterone causes reduced muscle mass and bone density, this will make an individual very likely to accumulate body fat over time. Many studies have been done to verify this.

Males with higher testosterone have a higher calorie expenditure and thus are able to maintain an appropriate body weight. Having low testosterone levels does the opposite.

The body is going to have a low calorie expenditure and would not be able to keep up with normal consumption, this will make people with low testosterone likely to have an increase in body mass.

Another thing that it does is it lowers the overall energy of an individual making them likely to eat more unhealthy foods, this contributes to a usual increase in body fats.


Testosterone especially for men is synonymous for vigor and strength, low levels of it have been reported to cause a drop in energy levels. This is not good for work, social experience, and general lifestyle.

Of course there are many reasons for a drop in energy level such as the afternoon slump to the circadian rhythm, however, it has been proven that low testosterone can increase the negative effects.

People with low testosterone are likely to be unmotivated when doing simple tasks and not be productive, on the other hand, people with high testosterone have an increased level of motivation. There is a correlation between testosterone levels and energy levels.


Testosterone causes the male’s physical makeup to be much stronger than a woman, low levels of it will pose a significant decrease in strength. This can be bad for work purposes.

Many males work in jobs that are physically demanding, lower levels of testosterone would make it harder to do simple physical tasks.

This hormone is responsible for muscle mass and bone density, a decrease in both will obviously make any physique weaker no matter the current condition. A decrease in strength should be noticeable.


Testosterone does not only help with muscle mass and bone density but also with sex drive, lower levels have been found to cause erection problems for males. This will be a problem for one’s sexual life.

Erection is of course useful when trying to perform any sexual activity, lower levels of testosterone tampers with the mechanism that makes the condition easier. It will also be noted by an overall decrease in one’s sex drive.

Above of all it causes confidence problems regarding to sex, males legitimately have anxiety and self esteem issues caused by not being able to deliver. This can lead to stress and humiliation regarding one’s sexual capability.


There are many reasons why low testosterone is bad, it causes an increase in weight, decrease in energy levels, decrease in strength, and erection problems. No person would want any of these impacts.

Females have testosterone levels as well and can get any of these conditions, however males are more likely to suffer from these. It will affect one’s personal lifestyle when not given attention, that is all thank you for reading.

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