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Low Testosterone & Hair Loss – The hidden truth


Hair loss is one of the most common hair problems for most men and women. In fact, the National Institute of Health estimated almost 80 million men and women suffer from hair loss. However, there is no definitive cause of hair loss as there are various factors affecting hair growth.

One of the relating factors is low testosterone levels, which have been debated ever since. Some believe that testosterone affects hair growth amongst men and women. However, is it really true, and how low testosterone causes hair loss? In this article, we will find out the real connection between testosterone levels and hair loss.


Testosterone is one of the hormones dominant in males, but it can also be found in the female body. It’s primarily the hormone that is responsible for puberty, sexual functioning, mood, and more. When the testosterone level is low or high, there will always be a significant effect on the body. For example, low and high levels of this male hormone can relatively affect the hair growth cycle. However, having an excessive amount of testosterone has the most adverse contribution to hair loss.


DHT or dihydrotestosterone is one type of testosterone found primarily in the skin, prostate, and hair follicles. It’s the hormone responsible for hair loss when there is an excessive amount of it in the body, especially in the hair follicles. DHT usually restrain the proteins and nutrients going in the follicles affecting the growth of healthy hair. As a result, thinner hairs and can eventually result in baldness if not treated early. This kind of problem is known as DHT testosterone hair loss, affecting both men and women since this hormone is also present in women’s bodies.

Although high-level testosterone is primarily the cause of hair loss, some individuals have more sensitive hair follicles to DHT that, even with a small amount of this active component, can cause hair loss. Moreover, any kind of hormonal imbalance such as this can have a significant impact on hair growth. Usually, the effect of low testosterone is also thinning of hair that can accelerate to baldness.


Fortunately, there are available remedies to treat hair loss due to high or low testosterone. One of which is injecting testosterone to stabilize the number of hormones if the cause of hair loss is due to low testosterone. However, if it’s because of the excessive amount of DHT, the best possible treatment is to take DHT Blockers. These blockers inhibit the production of DHT to prevent restraining the essential nutrients the hair needs to grow healthy.

Another solution to hair loss is a hair transplant wherein new hair follicles from a donor are transplanted on the individual with bald patches. It’s usually the best option when the hair damage is quite visible, and other treatments are not available.


Low or high levels of testosterone can affect the hair growth of individuals since it’s an essential hormone present in hair follicles. Therefore, having just the right amount of this hormone is vital to keep the hair healthy and prevent hair loss.

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