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To get started with PeterMD, you’ll need a full blood panel. Our services start at just $164, which is the lowest price guaranteed in North America. If you have blood work from within the last 6 months, contact support@getpetermd.com or text 772-800-6133 and mention your full name, state you live in and that you have blood work. This blood panel is available to all states except AL, AR, CA, NJ, NY, NC, MI, ID.

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At PeterMD, we take your health seriously, and that’s why we only use actual medical blood tests for accurate results. Unlike our competitors who rely on at-home tests that don’t provide a full picture or accurate results, we require all individuals to undergo medical blood draws to ensure that our physicians can make the most informed decisions for your health and wellness goals. Even better, our medical tests are priced at only $164, which is cheaper than our competitors’ non valid at-home test kits. After completing your labs, our qualified medical support staff will reach out to you to discuss the next steps.

This TRT blood test panel, also known as a testosterone replacement therapy test panel, measures blood markers used to manage testosterone dosing in people undergoing TRT. Get tested near you with secure, electronic results. This panel is available to all states except AL, AR, CA, NJ, NY, NC, MI, ID.



1Let’s Get You Qualified


Before doing anything with PeterMD, we require all patients have qualifying lab results from an actual facility, a current trt prescription (if you’re switching) OR that you get your labs from us (more affordably than any other place on the internet).

2Personalize Your Program


Whether you’re looking to boost your energy, improve your mood, or enhance your overall health and wellbeing, our personalized TRT programs can help you achieve your goals. So why wait? Personalize your program today and start your journey towards a healthier, happier life.

3 Meet Your Physician

We believe building strong relationships between patients and physicians is essential for optimal health. That’s why after becoming a member, you will be assigned a seasoned physician who will work closely with you to ensure that we are doing everything possible to enhance your life to the fullest extent.

4 Experience the Benefits of TRT


We are committed to helping you achieve your health and wellness goals. By personalizing your TRT plan and working closely with your physician, you can experience the many benefits of testosterone replacement therapy. These may include increased energy, improved mood, enhanced mental clarity, and a greater sense of overall well-being.

You can’t get these tests
at home

Our TRT program requires in-person tests for Free and Total Testosterone, PSA, and CBC to provide optimal patient care. These tests help us determine testosterone levels, detect prostate issues, and monitor blood count during TRT. Low testosterone can lead to negative symptoms, while high PSA levels may indicate prostate problems. The CBC measures blood components and ensures patients are healthy enough for TRT. At home testing kits are not fully accurate.

We understand the strong connection between a mans physical performance and his well being. Get back in the game of life today with our FDA approved prescription products.

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164To get Started
199+To get Started
Initial Review Included $50/visit
Lab Work $164 $199
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