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Weight gain

Weight gain & Low Testosterone, they go hand in hand

Testosterone is perhaps the most important male hormone because it is responsible for secondary sex characteristics like muscle mass and body hair growth.

The connection between low testosterone and weight gain is very close, as you will learn in this article. This is because the changes that happen to the body due to low levels of testosterone can cause you to put on weight. If you are interested in learning why this happens and how to avoid it, read through the rest of this piece. You will also find out some other parts of information, such as your age’s role in whether or not you tend to put on weight quickly and the factors within your lifestyle that might be encouraging you to do so.

What causes low testosterone?

Testosterone is a hormone produced by both men and women. Still, generally in different quantities, so there won’t be too much difference between what causes low testosterone in each gender. In men, one leading cause is old age, as your body will stop producing the hormone naturally as you get older. As for women, that’s a little bit more complicated because other things can affect their testosterone levels, such as pregnancy and go through menopause. The latter of these two conditions often results in a slight surplus of testosterone which can bring about changes to the way they look and feel, so it’s not necessarily seen as unfavourable by all women – but if you have low levels of testosterone, then these are not things you should desire.

Some side effects of low testosterone – along with weight gain Low testosterone brings about some pretty undesirable changes within your body. Still, the most evident one is the weight gain that men and women experience alongside this condition. This is due to changes to not only your metabolic rate but also your energy levels too. Therefore, the weight gain will affect you by reducing the number of calories that you consume and making activities that are done daily less intensive than they should be, which results in you burning fewer calories than usual. All of these things will naturally cause somebody’s waistline to expand if they don’t do anything about it – especially for those who are already relatively inactive throughout their lives anyway.

What you can do to avoid putting on weight The first thing that people need to understand is that eating fast food and other similar types of food like chips and crisps needs to come to an end. This kind of eating will only make you gain weight due to your low levels of testosterone because it will affect your metabolic rate, which in turn means you burn fewer calories than you should do – so, therefore, what happens is you put on weight. It’s also essential for somebody with low testosterone to ensure they have a healthy diet full of nutritious foods such as fruit and vegetables since these are the types of food that will help give them the energy they need throughout their day.

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