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10 Low Testosterone Symptoms You Might Have 2022

For men who suffer from low testosterone levels, Low-T, knowing which products to buy, and where to buy them, is of high importance. If you believe you suffer from low T-levels, the first thing you’ll want to do is take appropriate lab and blood work, for your doctor or specialist to diagnose the problem.

There are a number of common symptoms men who suffer from low-T levels experience. Here we’ll break down a few of the most common symptoms.

What are the Symptoms?

Men who suffer from low T-levels, oftentimes experience tiredness, poor mood, low sex drive, energy levels, and other common symptoms. What are some of the most common symptoms which might lead you to believe you’re suffering from low testosterone levels?

  1. Low Sex Drive 

Men who experience decrease in sex drive, are commonly suffering from low T-levels. It isn’t necessarily low testosterone if this occurs from time to time; however, if it has increased in frequency, and you’re over 30, consider talking to your doctor.

  1. Fatigue 

If you’re always tired or have lower than normal energy levels, low T-levels might be causing this. Uncommon or extremely high levels of fatigue are oftentimes associated with decreases in testosterone levels.

  1. Hair Loss 

Hormonal imbalances, including decrease in testosterone levels, might contribute to reduction in body hair. Don’t just look at your head, decrease in hair on your arms, chest, or back, might also be signs.

  1. Increase in Body Weight 

Due to the fact that you have less energy and feel fatigue, you’re not as active as you previously were. As we get older, it’s natural to slow down; however, if you’ve put on a considerable amount of weight, low T-levels might be the primary reason.

  1. Cognitive Issues 

Endogenous testosterone has been linked to mental lapses and cognitive issues. If you can’t remember things as easily as you did, or have to take notes more frequently than you did in the past, talk to your doctor about lab work to test your T-levels.

  1. Sleep Disturbance 

This one links back to low energy levels, fatigue, and feeling groggy or irritable. If you are experiencing low levels of testosterone, this will cause your body and chemical imbalances, affecting your sleep patterns.

  1. Low Muscle Mass 

Low testosterone means loss in lean muscle mass. Testosterone treatments have been linked to increasing lean muscle mass and function, so it may be a treatment option if you’re suffering from or feeling a little weaker than you did just a few years ago.

  1. Erectile Dysfunction 

This one often comes first on the list. Men who suffer from ED, erectile dysfunction, commonly suffer from low testosterone levels. This will affect your sex drive, desire, and performance as well.

  1. Low Blood Cell Count 

Those who suffer from low T-levels, sometimes experience a reduction in hemoglobin levels as well. This can lead to conditions like anemia or other blood disorders.

  1. Reduced Bone Density Levels 

Low T-levels can result in reduced bone mass. This can lead to conditions like osteoporosis, and can often lead to bone fracture or breakage. If you feel your bones/joints aren’t as strong or feel tired and achy, this might be a sign of low testosterone levels.

Everyone who suffers from low T-levels will experience different symptoms, and they will experience different levels of pain or discomfort. However, these are amongst the most common symptoms men who suffer from low T-levels experience. If you are experiencing these, speak to your doctor to learn about the right treatment.


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