BPC-157 Injection, 1mo supply

Injection. BPC-157, a synthetic peptide derived from a naturally occurring body protein, offers a range of potential benefits. It has shown promise in promoting tissue healing and repair, making it a valuable asset for athletes and individuals recovering from injuries. By accelerating the healing of muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones, BPC-157 may support expedited recovery and enhanced performance. Additionally, its anti-inflammatory properties can aid in reducing inflammation and discomfort, further assisting in the recovery process. Moreover, BPC-157 may have a positive impact on pain management, potentially providing relief from chronic or exercise-induced pain, ultimately contributing to an improved quality of life for individuals pursuing an active and healthy lifestyle.

Promotes healing of injuries and reduces inflammation. Often used by athletes and bodybuilders to improve recovery time and reduce the risk of injury.

NOT AVAILABLE TO THE FOLLOWING STATES: AL, AR, CA, ID, MI, NC, TX. A one time charge of $70 will be added for the appointment with the provider if you are not purchasing a TRT program.

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