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Benefits and Risks of Low Testosterone Levels

As a man age, they will feel the need to conduct testosterone therapy. This is because, it is the desire of every man to remaina ctive regardless of their age. There are many kinds of misconceptions related to the kind of treatment that a person should consider having. You will find that testosterone therapy works similarly to the anti-aging ultimate formula. When it comes to the health benefits related to the use of testosterone therapy, you will find they are not all clear. For this reason, you should ensure you determine what is fully known and what is unknown regarding the use of testosterone therapy which helps in normal aging.

Meaning of Testosterone

Testosterone refers to a hormone whose production process is primarily determined by the use of testicles. With the aid of testosterone, you will succeed in the maintenance of the men’s:

  • Sperm production
  • Sex drive
  • Production of red blood cells
  • Body and facial hair
  • Muscle mass and strength
  • Bone density
  • Fat distribution

Nature of Testosterone Levels as One Ages

In most cases, the levels of testosterone get to pick when one is in early adulthood and adolescence. When a person gets to age, their overall testosterone levels end up declining. One year past the age of thirty or forty, start checking your testosterone levels. In the case of older men, they have to always determine the cause of low testosterone levels. These levels are likely to result from normal aging and in other cases result from diseases.

Also, hypogonadism gets to hamper one’s ability to succeed in the production of testosterone in normal amounts. This is because they have a problem that is related to the testicles together with the pituitary gland which guides the testicle’s control process. During the testosterone replacement therapy process which takes place in the form of gels, patches, pellets, and injections, you will succeed in improving the symptoms and signs in men with low testosterone levels.

Do the Natural Decline in Testosterone Levels Lead to Symptoms and Signs of Aging

This must not always be the case. Many men have a lot of symptoms and signs during their aging process. Some of these symptoms and signs may result from the low levels of testosterone and they include:

Sexual function changes

It is a change with the inclusion of a reduction in sexual desire while the overall erections are fewer. This takes place especially as one sleeps and in the case of infertile people.

Physical Changes

There is a possibility of many physical changes being present and thus the need for testosterone replacement telemedicine. These changes consist of an increase in the body fat reduction in muscle strength and bulk and an overall decrease in bone density. Again, there is a possibility for the occurrence of tender and swollen breasts. You will as well find there is a great possibility for loss of hair to also take place.

Emotional Changes

You will find that low testosterone leads to a great decrease in self-confidence and motivation. As a result, you will get the feeling of depression or sadness. Again, you will face some challenges for you to remember and as well get to concentrate on all that you get to do.

You will realize some of the signs and symptoms leads to other different factors. They include depression, diabetes, thyroid problems, and obstructive sleep apnea. There is a great possibility that these kinds of conditions may lead to low levels of testosterone. In this case, treatment will most likely increase the overall testosterone levels. The main role of the blood result is to give a diagnosis of the overall low testosterone levels.

Do Testosterone Therapy Promote Vitality and Youth?

Testosterone therapy is reliable for use in the reverse of the hypogonadism effects. There is uncertainty on if testosterone therapy will bring advantages to older men who are still healthy. Though most men say they always feel vigorous and younger amidst the different HRTmedications, little evidence supports the usage of TRT, especially in healthy men. Some guidelines come from the American College of Physicians and indicate the fact that testosterone therapy gets to increase the overall sexual functions, especially in men. Minimal evidence is present which helps in the overall improvement of other kinds of functions like energy and vitality.

Risks of Testosterone Therapy Amongst Normal Aging

Testosterone therapy is known to have many kinds of risks. These risks entail:

Worsen in sleep apnea. Apnea is among the major sleep disorders which lead to acne and other different forms of skin reactions.

Stimulations in the prostate noncancerous growth and the overall growth in the present prostate cancer. Breasts enlargement.

Limit in sperm production leads to the shrinking of testicles.

Too much stimulation of blood cells production. This leads to a great increase in blood clot formation. The clot is likely to break loose and as well travel throughout the bloodstream and later lodge in the lungs. This way, you will block the overall blood flow.

Should One Address the Doctor Regarding Testosterone Therapy?

In case you are confused about if there is a need for one to conduct a testosterone therapy, ensure you contact your doctor regarding the benefits and risks involved. The role of the doctor will be to ensure there is a measurement of testosterone levels. These measurements will be taken twice before any recommendation for testosterone therapy.

A person shouldn’t consider making treatments in the therapy involved in normal aging. If you have no kind of medical condition which contributes to the testosterone levels decline, you will find the doctor may most likely give suggestions on the most ideal ways to help boost the overall testosterone levels. These include an increase in muscle mass through the use of resistant exercise and loss of weight.


Testosterone resistance therapy is always necessary among men as it makes men remain active even in their old age. For this reason, there is a great need for people to ensure they conduct the therapy since it is healthy and affordable.

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